In 1913, the US Federal Tax Code was 400 pages. Today, it exceeds 74,000 pages and has more than four million words; a higher word count than the King James Bible, War and Peace and the Harry Potter series combined.  That’s enough to confuse and confound any small business owner or individual taxpayer and often leaves you with more questions than answers.

At Crumby and Associates, we cut through the confusing clutter for you.  Our tax experts have more than three decades of experience with the IRS and in major government and corporate tax departments.

So, whether you are a small to mid-sized company, a nonprofit agency, a professional in the real estate, medical, construction, personal services, government or corporate management, we provide you with specialized business and personal consulting, accounting customized to your industry, and expert tax preparation.  In addition, we will work with you to manage or resolve any tax issues you might have with local, state and federal taxing agencies.

We know what tax authorities are looking for.  We know how tax agencies think and we can help you understand their vast array of rules and laws.  We have the experience and knowledge to manage the tax process from a micro to a macro level. We specialize in taking your tired, traditional, outdated, paper-focused way of preparing taxes and bring you and your business into the digital age.

So whether it’s a full cardboard box or a truckload of documents, we can help you file your taxes right; and file them RIGHT on time.